Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ham & Cucumber Wrap • Yummy & Filling Meals Under 200 Calories

I think we've all seen this post once or twice on Pinterest. Well, here's my take on my new favorite!

•1 Flour Tortilla 140 CALS
•4-7 Thin Cucumber Slices 5-8 CALS 
•1 TBSP Fat Free Cream Cheese 15 CALS
•3-4 Thin Lean Deli Ham 40-50 CALS

With most tortillas, you are asked to refrigerate after opening. To avoid tearing your wrap, let your tortilla sit out 10-15 minutes before preparing. 

Lay your tortilla flat and spread cream cheese all over. Add your thin cucumber slices and choice of lean deli meat. Gently begin rolling your wrap from on end and secure with toothpicks if preferred. 

I am so obsessed with this wrap right now. Especially with the spring creeping in, the cucumber really gives a cool and refreshing bite. Enjoy & let me know how you guys like this. If you've switched it up, I'd love to hear how your ideas turned out. 

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