Tuesday, April 22, 2014

9 Weeks On Slimquick Pure: Extra Strength • Update Blog (4/18/14)

While it's only been a little over two months, I've seen some nice results with my "trial" of Slimquick Pure: Extra Strength. 

*This post was meant to be uploaded on April 18, 2014.

At the beginning of my journey; which I actually started February 1st, I didn't own a functioning scale. Not only did I not have a scale, but I wasn't using my new one correctly half of February either. 

On Valentines Day (which wasn't planned) I began taking Slimquick. I tried 1 pill with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. I worked up to doubling that and then eventually taking 3 pills in the morning & 3 at dinner time. (This is the recommended dose; also, the highest dose recommended) 

After my first few weeks of error, I adjusted my scale and I'm going to say I was around 200 lbs. I have never been that heavy or unhealthy in my life. It definitely helped to kick start my willpower and I am happy with my results. 

Like I mentioned before, there were a few points where I'm not so sure about my calculations. However, 9 weeks in... I feel confident in saying I wouldn't doubt that I've lost 24 pounds. 

Most of it was probably water weight and the fact that I was super unhealthy with my consumed choices. The entire month of February, I had at least 30 minutes of daily work outs completed. With all three of these factors in hand, I know these first two months will most likely be higher in loss than the remaining 17 weeks. I've also lazily cut down my exercise to a few brisk walks a day. 

I've begun planning my next month out and I hope to be able to stick to a "raw diet" the entire month of May. Not only will it help in detoxing the few slip ups with sugar, but also stepping up for the exercise I can't lie about avoiding. 

As I've said with any update, I recommend talking with your primary doctor before taking Slimquick. Everyone's body is different, therefore your results and reaction could be different. Be safe with your journey and feel free to message me on here or any of my social media links listed on my homepage. 

Here you can find my Pinterest board where I try to update each week (if not day) on my weight loss and journey to a healthier me. 

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