Sunday, March 9, 2014

Traditional Four Cheese Pizza

Oh pizza, the true love to all of our taste buds. That is one of my main breaking points when it comes to eating healthy. A lovely cheese pizza, just for me.

This freezer aisle wonder is worth each of those 350 calories. I really wasn't expecting much when I opened it from the package. After discovering the crimping tray, I really got my hopes up. While the middle wasn't crisped enough for my taste, (I'm sure you could achieve it in the oven) the crust was perfect. 

I'm not sure if it was just a processing error, but my pizza sauce left a good 2 inches of naked crust. I was quite disappointed about that until I tasted the crust. It was a tad bit on the flour-y side, but was somewhat similar to Pizza Hut's breadsticks. 

I give this ☆☆☆ out of 5 stars. I feel like there is a leaner option in my grocery store & I'm left unsure about how my next one might be. 

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