Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mini Cheese Pizzas

What could go wrong when a diet brand comes up with mini deep dish pizzas?

When I came across these babies on Pinterest, I went on a hunt. If you read my last post on Lean Cuisine's pizza, you know that is my weak spot. These however, have not hit that spot. 

You recieve two servings of four mini pizzas in each box, each accompanied with their own crisping tray. I cooked one serving via microwave, and the other in my toaster oven. You don't really see much of a difference, so the crisping trays themselves are really great. 

My only issue with this item is the taste. While some of you may enjoy them, I'm just not a sweet-pizza type of gal. The crust has everything going for it, except the flavor. It crisps, it's flaky, and has such an oddly sweet crust. It's almost as if I poured stevia packets on the pizzas. The sauce is the same, and sweet on sweet is not appealing. No matter how awesome cheese is, it could not even the flavors out. 

I give this ☆☆ out of 5 stars because I did not enjoy the taste and will never repurchase this product. 

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