Thursday, March 6, 2014

Diet Food Tastes Like Diet: Welcome!

Welcome to my blog! This is going to be a place for healthy everything. Exercises, smart eating, diet supplements & food reviews, and anything else my heart desires. Let me start off by introducing my health plan. 

I find that if I set a New Years goal for myself, I end up blowing it off at some point or another. It's the beginning of a fresh year and as my aspirations are high, my self control fades.

On February 1st I began reevaluating my health and started planning my long awaited journey to a better me.

Portion Control • Daily Exercise • Eliminating Sugar • Drinking More Water • Fighting Off Midnight Snacking • Consuming Vegetables Daily • Cutting Down Alcoholic Beverages

These are just some of the things I hoped to improve. As I do have a little bit of extra weight on me, I originally planned this journey to get back on my weight and muscle track that fits my body type. Along the road, I decided that I need to become not only aware of how much I was eating, but also what I was eating. 

It was a rare day that I consume water & I could be going through a bag of chips, a six pack of pop & fast food daily! Not to mention, having no exercise in my day to day life. After purchasing my first scale in almost two years, I realized I had gained 40 lbs from my peak as an adult. I was physically and mentally out of shape & a change needed to be made... fast! 

I gave myself a goal of about 1,000 calories a day. I would be eliminating fast food, most breads, cereal, pop, candy, alcohol & begin consuming at least half of my calories in the form of veggies and fruits. I started out with basic, low-impact exercises of jumping jacks, arm workouts, 3-5 walks a day and various leg workouts that I was able to do. 

I originally planned to have a cheat day each week, which I have so far been able to avoid using. While I have had some slip ups with unhealthy choices, I continue to stay in the 1,000 calorie range. I was able to cold turkey any type of drink other than water, and worked myself up to a 45 minute exercise routine daily. 

Due to lack of properly setting my scale, I'm unaware of just exactly how much weight I lost thus far, but I am able to tell a huge difference in certain aspects. I barely run out of breath, I sleep easier, (due to working out; therefore cutting midnight snacking) my skin, nails & hair seem healthier, and clothes are beginning to fit slightly better. 

While I haven't noticed too much of a change in my stomach and upper leg area, I know it will take time. Noticing my progress otherwise, and building my self control over the past 30 days has truly impacted me and has helped me believe in myself. 

This journey may have just begun, but I've already learned so much. I'm no longer in this just for regulating my weight, but to become a healthy person and give my body what it needs and deserves. 

As of;
March 6, 2014 • 31 lbs from goal weight

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