Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Best Thing I've Ever Eaten • Salad Edition

My current obsession with salad takes a twist. With the crunch from fresh spinach, a bite thanks to red onion & a hint of mozzarella to calm it down, this could be my favorite salad yet! 

How I Make It:
2 Tbsp Sliced Red Onion
1 Cup Chopped Spinach
2 Oz Chopped Turkey
1 Tbsp Ranch Dressing 
1/4 Cup Shredded Mozzarella

How To Switch It Up:
Replace the turkey with grilled chicken or mushrooms. For an extra crunch throw in some croutons.

This is a great way to get a nice serving of greens and the perfect summer meal! I love how the bittersweet red onion pairs with the creamy mozzarella. What salad pairing are you obsessed with at the moment? Let me know below! 

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